Stand up and be counted:It's time to end partisan gerrymandering

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For too long, politicians have been drawing district lines behind closed doors, allowing politicians to serve special interests instead of people without fear of losing an election.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania recently struck down the Republican-drawn congressional maps as unconstitutional and ordered that they be redrawn.

And the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing an extreme gerrymandering case from Wisconsin.

The tide is turning. But politicians and the courts need to hear from us that every state in America deserves fair maps that forces politicians to serve the people, not special interests and lobbyists.

Stand up and be counted. Add your name to the grassroots movement that's restoring our democracy by ending partisan gerrymandering. »»

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Julia BrownleyU.S. Representative from California
Matt CartwrightU.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
Ruben GallegoU.S. Representative from Arizona
Mike ThompsonU.S. Representative from California
Katie HillCandidate for Congress from California
David RichardsonCandidate for Congress from Florida
Jim MowrerCandidate for Secretary of State from Iowa

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