Tell Congress: Family Farms, not Corporate Megafarms. Fix the Farm Bill!

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Every five years, Congress must authorize a new Farm Bill, setting the course of our nation's agriculture and food health policy. The Farm Bill is one of the most important pieces of environmental legislation up for consideration this year.

Unfortunately, our current Farm Bill puts corporate megafarms ahead of organic and small family farms.

These megafarms receive upwards of 60 percent of all Farm Bill subsidies and are a significant source of pollution in our food, air, and water, including greenhouse gas pollution that's causing global climate change.

It's time for America's Farm Bill to make our farms, families, and food healthy. It's time for a Farm Bill that works for the rest of us.

Tell Congress to reform the Farm Bill by investing in family farmers instead of massive, corporate megafarms and by doing more to support sustainable farming across farms of all sizes.

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Nanette BarragánU.S. Representative from California
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Matt CartwrightU.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
Gerry ConnollyU.S. Representative from Virginia
Keith EllisonU.S. Representative from Minnesota
Jim HimesU.S. Representative from Connecticut
Annie KusterU.S. Representative from New Hampshire
Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Chellie PingreeU.S. Representative from Maine
Cathy GlassonCandidate for Governor of Iowa
Carolyn LongCandidate for Congress from Washington

Friends of the Earth Action
League of Conservation Voters
Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition Political Action Committee
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