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Last year alone, the oil industry spent an historic $36 million lobbying CA lawmakers. This spending spree has allowed these companies to block any meaningful policy that might significantly curb the oil industry's power to drill and pollute.

California's Governor Jerry Brown and other elected officials need to act as guardians of the public trust. They call themselves climate and environmental champions, but they allow industry money and big oil lobbyists to determine policy.

State legislators and Governor Brown have also allowed this toxic industry to rake in huge profits while legally poisoning frontline communities. It's unacceptable.

The state of California has performed independent studies which, after finding oil operations' toxicity, made strong recommendations for changes to protect public health. Since then, none of these recommendations have been implemented and none of these concerns have been addressed, leaving the general public vulnerable to contamination and toxic exposure.

We need champions looking out for our communities, not for the profits of the oil industry. Until we address this egregious flow of oil money into our democracy, nothing is going to change.

Sign the petition now to tell Governor Brown and California's other elected officials that they need to make their primary allegiance clear: is it to the oil industry or to the health and safety of their constituents? The days of having it both ways are over.

It's time to get oil money out and people power in.

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To: Governor Jerry Brown and California elected officials

Stop taking money from the oil industry. Prioritize public health over industry profits.

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