Urge Congress to Pass National Paid Sick Leave

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a global health emergency. As care providers, legislators, and experts work to mitigate the risks of the virus spreading, an essential component of prevention is missing: national paid sick leave.

The United States is still the only developed nation without a national policy on paid sick leave. Right now, American employees who lack paid sick leave must go to work to provide for their families – despite being ill, and possibly contagious.

But it's not just about Coronavirus; paid sick leave:

  • is associated with reduced flu rates in the jurisdictions they cover,
  • reduces costs of emergency health care services,
  • saves employers money by reducing turnover costs of replacing workers,
  • helps protect the paychecks and employment of survivors of domestic violence, and
  • helps family caregivers.

While many government workers, including U.S. legislators, have paid sick leave, roughly 57 million workers do not. Many of these individuals work in jobs with high risk of exposure – hourly or lower-paying jobs, the "gig economy," or in our education system – and have contact with hundreds of people each day while working.

Sign the petition and urge Congress to pass legislation to provide national paid sick leave.

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This petition sponsored by:

Nanette BarragánU.S. Representative from California
Earl BlumenauerU.S. Representative from Oregon
Suzanne BonamiciU.S. Representative from Oregon
Salud CarbajalU.S. Representative from California
Katherine ClarkU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Yvette ClarkeU.S. Representative from New York
Jimmy GomezU.S. Representative from California
Vicente GonzalezU.S. Representative from Texas
Alan LowenthalU.S. Representative from California
Carolyn MaloneyU.S. Representative from New York
Katie PorterU.S. Representative from California
Linda SánchezU.S. Representative from California
John SarbanesU.S. Representative from Maryland
Rashida TlaibU.S. Representative from Michigan
Kali BarnettCandidate for U.S. Congress from Kansas
Carolyn BourdeauxCandidate for U.S. Congress from Georgia
Dr. Pritesh GandhiCandidate for U.S. Congress from Texas
Perry GershonCandidate for U.S. Congress from New York
Tracy MitranoCandidate for U.S. Congress from New York
Candace ValenzuelaCandidate for U.S. Congress from Texas
Melissa WatsonCandidate for U.S. Congress from South Carolina

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