Tell Congress: pass legislation to protect reproductive choice.

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Extremist politicians have been waiting for an opportunity to undermine Roe v. Wade since it was decided in 1973. Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, and now Alabama have signed unconstitutional abortion bans into law this year.

Congress must pass legislation to protect the right of women to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy. And Congress must prohibit any government entity from denying, interfering with, or discriminating against that choice.

Banning or limiting abortion and disseminating false or misleading information about abortion will not stop abortions -- it will create a public health crisis with low-income women and women of color suffering a disproportionate amount of the harm.

Tell Congress: pass legislation to protect access to reproductive health care.

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Jeff MerkleyU.S. Senator from Oregon
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Suzanne BonamiciU.S. Representative from Oregon
Peter DeFazioU.S. Representative from Oregon
Robin KellyU.S. Representative from Illinois
Joe Kennedy IIIU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Rick LarsenU.S. Representative from Washington
Ted LieuU.S. Representative from California
Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Gwen MooreU.S. Representative from Wisconsin
Mark PocanU.S. Representative from Wisconsin
Rashida TlaibU.S. Representative from Michigan
Michelle Lujan GrishamGovernor of New Mexico
Perry GershonCandidate for Congress from New York

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