Tell the Department of Justice:
Let States Regulate Marijuana

It's time for Trump to keep his campaign promise to "leave it up to states" and respect the will of the voters. Tell Trump's Department of Justice: Let states regulate marijuana.


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Millions of Americans live in states where voters have chosen to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.

Thousands of new jobs have been created so far. Taxpayers will see millions in revenue for critical public services. With the end of the draconian laws on marijuana sales and use, we'll also be able to bring about deeper social and racial justice.

Our communities will be able to advocate for the release of people still in jail due to nonviolent marijuana-related charges. It will be harder for the criminal justice system to continue disproportionately and discriminatorily targeting people of color.

And, so as not to perpetuate these injustices in the newly legal industry, some communities will work to ensure that those nonviolent offenders -- often people of color -- will be able to participate in and benefit from the newly legal industry. Many white people have already started cashing in and elevating the status of marijuana for white consumers, while black and brown people are left out of the equation. Even with legalization, the fight is not over for long-overdue justice. So we cannot move backward.

The American public has spoken, and this is what we choose. But the Trump administration, including Jeff Sessions, is threatening a crackdown on states where marijuana sales and consumption are legal (recreationally and/or medicinally). This is egregiously wrong.

The War on Drugs, and its inaccurate propaganda, has been unsuccessful at lowering drug consumption -- and unfortunately, it has been very successful at continuing the legacy of slavery through racist mass incarceration. We cannot continue this injustice, and we cannot lose the gains we've made. We must move forward.

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