Tell Trump: Authoritarianism has no place in America.

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Donald Trump would rather be a tinpot dictator than the president of a democratic republic. His Department of Homeland Security is using unmarked paramilitary forces to patrol the streets of Portland, Oregon.

In recent days, those federal agents have attacked protestors and grabbed people off the streets into unmarked vans.

This is unacceptable and it must change:

  • We must require federal agents and the agency they work for to be clearly identifiable.
  • We must prohibit the federal misuse of unmarked vehicles.
  • We must prohibit federal agents from patrolling city streets, outside of federal property, unless invited to do so by local authorities.
  • We must require agencies to disclose how many personnel have been deployed and for what mission when they’re sent into our cities.

Congress must prohibit these police state tactics. The American people must speak out.

Tell Trump: Authoritarianism has no place in America.

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Katherine ClarkU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Peter DeFazioU.S. Representative from Oregon
Susie LeeU.S. Representative from Nevada
Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Rashida TlaibU.S. Representative from Michigan
Susan WildU.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
Ellen RosenblumAttorney General from Oregon
Patricia AckermanCandidate for U.S. Congress from Nevada
Rob WagnerState Senator from Oregon

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