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from the desk of Ron Wyden

Dear President Trump,

American government serves the people best when there is openness, transparency and accountability. Your refusal to release your tax returns is anything but that.

Without the tax returns of the president, Americans cannot be confident that the president is acting in their best interest -- not his own.

You ran on a fairer and simpler tax code - promising to drain the swamp and close the loopholes that allow corporations to play by a different set of rules than working Americans.

As we work to reform our tax code, to make it work for working Americans and not the wealthy and powerful, we have to know where your interests lie. And whether or not the policies you advocate for are best for the American people or just best for yourself and your business interests.

Release your tax returns, Mr. President, so we can begin to assess whether or not you are working for the American people.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

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