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Fund COVID-19 testing now!”
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At his rally in Tulsa, Donald Trump told his supporters that he demanded that health officials “slow the testing down” to prevent the public from learning about the full extent of the pandemic.

His administration scrambled to claim he was joking.

He wasn’t.

Just four days later, the Trump administration announced that they are cutting off funding for public testing sites – despite a sharp increase in COVID-19 diagnoses nationwide.

That’s backwards.

We need a dramatic increase in testing sites if we want to have any hope of ending this health crisis.

As our nation faces a once-in-a-century pandemic, Donald Trump wants to abandon our communities even further – all to make himself look good slightly less incompetent in an election year.

Trump’s desperate ego is killing Americans. The virus has already claimed over 125,000 lives. Closing public testing sites will lead to thousands more.

Add your name to tell Trump, “Put the country first; expand testing for coronavirus!”

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