Fight Back Against Gun Violence

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The President pretends to have courage when it comes to taking on the NRA, but in the end He. Always. Backs. Down.

Remember what happened after Parkland? After El Paso? After Dayton? Trump called for strong reforms. Huffed and puffed about the need for universal background checks. And then? Nothing.

Maybe he’ll nibble around the edges. Team up with Mitch McConnell on some window dressing.

But we need real reform.

That’s why we have to take action in 2020.

Trump, McConnell and the NRA are betting that if they hunker down, eventually the storm of anger about gun violence will pass.

But that storm is growing every day and next year it will bring strength to polling places all across America. The day of reckoning is coming.

Sign our petition: Commit to supporting 2020 candidates who will fight back against the scourge of gun violence in our country.

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This petition sponsored by:

Jeff Merkley U.S. Senator from Oregon
Salud CarbajalU.S. Representative from California
Katherine ClarkU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Jim HimesU.S. Representative from Connecticut
Rick LarsenU.S. Representative from Washington
Ted LieuU.S. Representative from California
Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Gwen MooreU.S. Representative from Wisconsin
John SarbanesU.S. Representative from Maryland

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