Tell Congress: Strengthen our Parental Leave Laws

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The period after a child is born is critical. It should be a time of bonding, of recovery for the parents, and for families to adjust.

Unfortunately, the United States is failing when it comes to serious parental leave laws.

Thirty, forty, over fifty weeks of paid leave -- these are the standards across the world, in a vast majority of countries.

Here in America? Federally, parents are only guaranteed 12 weeks of unpaid leave via the Family Medical Leave Act. And that's only if you work for a company that employs over 50 people.

That means, federally, more than half of American businesses don't have to guarantee leave. For the richest country on Earth, that is shameful and must be addressed.

It's time for that to change. Tell Congress to pass real and generous family leave laws now.

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Elizabeth BrownCity Councilmember from Columbus, Ohio

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