Call on Congress to break free from plastic pollution.

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From the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to agricultural soil that produces our food, to the seas, our planet is overrun by plastic pollution.

A recent study found that microplastics are so widespread, humans are consuming an average of 20 grams of plastic per month.

That’s the equivalent of eating a credit card every week.

In fact, the world has produced more plastic in the last two decades than all the preceding years combined. In the U.S., 92 percent of that plastic is never recycled. And nearly a third of that leaks into our rivers and oceans, ends up in our food chain, and, consequently, in our bodies.

Our leaders have a responsibility to act now by phasing out single-use plastics, hold corporations accountable for wasteful production, reduce wasteful packaging, and reform our broken waste and recycling collection system.

It’s time for our Congress to address a crisis that is suffocating us by the minute.

Tell Congress: Protect our health! Eliminate all single-use plastics.

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Suzanne BonamiciU.S. Representative from Oregon
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Peter DeFazioU.S. Representative from Oregon
Jimmy GomezU.S. Representative from California
Deb HaalandU.S. Representative from New Mexico
Alan LowenthalU.S. Representative from California
Katie PorterU.S. Representative from California
Rob WagnerState Senator from Oregon
Hiral TipirneniCandidate for U.S. Congress from Arizona

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