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Congress MUST pass legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

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Recent polling shows that:

  • almost one in four Americans taking prescription drugs say it is hard to afford their medicine; and
  • about three in ten adults report that they do not take their prescriptions as directed because of the cost.

Meanwhile, prescription drug prices are skyrocketing, and Big Pharma is raking in record profits.

Congress is debating legislation that lowers prescription drug prices by allowing generic versions of prescription drugs to get onto the market sooner. This plan would allow families to get crucial medication while also reducing the federal deficit by almost $4 billion over 10 years.

Families shouldn't have to choose between their medications and other essentials.

Sign the petition and tell Congress: pass legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

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This petition sponsored by:

Tina SmithU.S. Senator from Minnesota
Suzanne BonamiciU.S. Representative from Oregon
Joe CunninghamU.S. Representative from South Carolina
Katie HillU.S. Representative from California
Andy KimU.S. Representative from New Jersey
Rick LarsenU.S. Representative from Washington
Ben McAdamsU.S. Representative from Utah
Katie PorterU.S. Representative from California
Jan SchakowskyU.S. Representative from Illinois
Greg StantonU.S. Representative from Arizona
Jeff Van DrewU.S. Representative from New Jersey
Susan WildU.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
Josh MahonyCandidate for U.S. Senate from Arkansas
Allen ThomasCandidate for U.S. Congress from North Carolina
Perry GershonCandidate for U.S. Congress from New York

Arizona Democratic Party Medicare For All PAC When Democrats Turn Out PAC Progressive Majority PAC