Tell Congress: Strengthen our democracy. Pass voter protection laws!

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Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a functional democracy.

Yet our last several elections have been marred by anti-democratic measures, voter intimidation, and suppression. This slew of anti-democratic measures across the country has undermined Americans' ability to vote.

With Democrats now in control of the House, Congress must finally take action to protect voters by:

  • Improving access to polling places and increasing ballot security;
  • Establishing national automatic voter registration;
  • Putting an end to partisan gerrymandering;
  • Restoring key provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

Tell Congress: Strengthen our democracy. Pass voter protection laws!

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This petition sponsored by:

Jeff MerkleyU.S. Senator from Oregon
Earl BlumenauerU.S. Representative from Oregon
Matt CartwrightU.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
Emanuel CleaverU.S. Representative from Missouri
Jim HimesU.S. Representative from Connecticut
Rick LarsenU.S. Representative from Washington
Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
Harley RoudaU.S. Representative-elect from California
Rashida TlaibU.S. Representative-elect from Michigan

Big Sky Values PAC
Let America Vote
National Democratic Redistricting Committee
People For the American Way
Washington State Democrats