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tell Congress to reassert its right to declare wars.

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In an era of devastating weapons and increasingly-advanced armed forces, declaring war must be a solemn and serious choice.

It must only be done as a last resort, when all other choices are exhausted, and, as the Constitution lays out, with the consent of the elected members of Congress.

Enter President Donald Trump, whose bombastic use of Twitter and desire to consolidate executive power are putting America's safety at risk and making a mockery of our constitutional system of checks and balances.

It's time for Congress to reassert that the power to declare and wage war belongs where the Constitution wishes it: in the hands of the elected leaders in Congress.

Sign the petition: stand up for a safer America right now, tell Congress to assert its right to war powers.

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Suzanne BonamiciU.S. Representative from Oregon
Peter DeFazioU.S. Representative from Oregon
Jim HimesU.S. Representative from Connecticut
Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts
John SarbanesU.S. Representative from Maryland
Perry GershonCandidate for U.S. Congress from New York

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